There’s a cool analysis of Brick’s opening by @gemko (Mike D’Agnelo) at the Onion AV Club.

A handful of people have asked me about that not-quite-xylophone-sounding instrument, which is actually a hollow, chimes-based metallophone (pictured above) which we played by jiggling chopsticks inside. Mike talks about the sound as if someone is “playing frozen, empty milk bottles,” which is my favorite description yet.

And speaking of Brick, if you’re in LA tonight, we’re showing a special double-feature with Looper at The New Beverly. We did it last night and it sold out, but I believe there are still tix left. Rian and I will be there along with Mr. Noah Segan (Dode/Kid Blue), cinematographer Steve Yedlin, and a handful of other regulars. We’ll be doing a Q&A between the pics, so drop by and say hi!

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    The opening music to Brick never fails to make me choke up. Best opening and ending music (“Sister Ray” by the Velvet...
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    The opening music from Brick is one of my favorite movie songs ever. Love it.
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