Learning How to Be a More Inefficient Designer with The Made Shop

We’re speaking in Los Angeles at Adobe Max this year. It’s gonna be a fun one, I think. Come check us out if you’re attending — we’ve got all sorts of ideas for working slower, introducing friction, indecision, and waste into the design process.

We’ll explore a number of ways to misspend time and energy, make things the hard way, un-automate simple procedures, and consistently produce downright inefficient design.

It’ll be great!

See you soon, Adobe MAX


Great little post about Affordances by Dan Wineman via Daring Fireball

Affordances are the baby to skeuomorphism’s bathwater. When they engage our instincts just right, they create an emotional bond, and the unfamiliar becomes inviting. Without them, it’s just pictures under glass. It makes no difference how flat, how deep, how minimal, or how ornate the look-and-feel is if it can’t show us, when we look, how to feel.